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Readings from the complete Gospel of John in The Word are just below
these current readings (MP3) from The Word radio programs:
Monday, June 18: Hebrews 5:1--6:12
Tuesday, June 19: Hebrews 6:13--7:10
Wednesday, June 20: Hebrews 7:11--8:5
Thursday, June 21: Hebrews 8:6--9:12
Friday, June 22: Hebrews 9:13--9:28
Monday, June 25: Hebrews 10:1--10:25
Tuesday, June 26: Hebrews 10:26--11:7
Wednesday, June 27: Hebrews 11:8--11:29
Thursday, June 28: Hebrews 11:30--12:13
Friday, June 29: Hebrews 12:14--12:29
Readings from the entire Gospel of John in the Bible (MP3)

John 1:1--1:28
Jesus: Full of Grace and Truth

John 10:31--11:16
Jesus and the Father Are One

John 1:29--1:51
The Lamb of God

John 11:17--11:44
Lazarus Lives

John 2:1--2:25
Water to Wine

John 11:45--12:11
Anointed for Burial

John 3:1--3:21
Eternal Life

John 12:12--12:36
Believe in the Light

John 3:22--4:14
Living Water

John 12:37--13:11
The Light of the World

John 4:15--4:42
The Woman at the Well

John 13:12--13:38
Love One Another

John 4:43--5:14
Out of Death, Into Life

John 14:1--14:27
The Way, the Truth, and the Life

John 5:15--5:40
The Son Gives Life

John 14:28--15:17
Abide in Christ

John 5:41--6:22
Feeding 5000

John 15:18--16:15
When the Spirit of Truth Comes

John 6:23--6:47
The Bread of Life

John 16:16--17:5
Ask and You Will Receive

John 6:48--6:71
The Spirit Gives Life

John 17:6--17:26
Jesus Prays

John 7:1--7:30
The Feast of Booths

John 18:1--18:24
Jesus Is Betrayed

John 7:31--7:53
Rivers of Living Water

John 18:25--19:7
Pilate Hears Jesus

John 8:1--8:27
The Light of the World

John 19:8--19:27
Jesus Is Crucified

John 8:28--8:53
The Truth Will Make You Free

John 19:28--19:42
Jesus Is Buried

John 8:54--9:16
The Blind Man Sees

John 20:1--20:23
Jesus Lives!

John 9:17--9:41
The Blind Man Believes

John 20:24--21:8
Thomas Believes

John 10:1--10:30
The Good Shepherd

John 21:9--21:25
Shepherd My Sheep


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